Research & Lab Testing

FEAB has the facility for Research Work on different products, Analytical test of following Food Products RMPM, FG
  • Dairy Products of Different Source
  • Drinks, Juice, Beverage, Hard Drinks
  • Vinegar, Alcohol, Fermented product’s
  • Snacks Products of Different Company
  • Bakery Products Quality available in market
  • Baby Food Products
  • Probiotic Food Products
  • Natural Fruits & Vegetables

These are the Products in which you Can do your Research work demand basis. If Research Participants are more we can arrange any Costly Investment on request.

FEAB has the Facility to Develop any Food Products in Lab-scale and also Manufacturing Scopes

Product Development and Lab Scale Production facility of listed items

1. Water Juice Beverages Drinks Energy Drinks
2. Milk and dairy products-Flavored Milk, Curd, Cheese, Butter, Ghee
3. Bakery: Breads, Bun, Cakes, Biscuits, Toasts, Dry Cake, Pan Cake
4. Chocolate, Candy, Confectionery products
5. Fruits Vegetables Drying projects
6. Snacks Chips Crackers Fried Items
7. Frozen Foods Meat Processing
8. Spices Manufacturing & Seasoning Application.
9. Ice-cream, Lolly, Sweetmeats, Desserts
10. Instant powder Drinks , Energy Drinks. 

Course Duration 3/6/12 Months for Diploma/BSc/MSc/Job Holders with Registration for Life time membership. Conditions apply.

Laboratory & Training Services for Professionals