1. MEMBERSHIP: Any person who is interested in the activities of the Society and believes in its aims and objects shall be entitled to its Membership provided:

a. He/She agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Society and its bye- laws to be revised on a dynamic basis. Any member’s Educational Qualification must be minimum Diploma/Graduate/Others as any in the Food Processing Organizations.

b.   He/She pays yearly subscriptions regularly and accepted as member by the current Executive Committee of the Society upon submission of a written application in prescribed form.


There shall be Two Categories of members of the Society namely:

a.   Founder Members

b. Life Members

c. General Members


      a.   Life/Founder Members:

(i)   All Members of the First Executive Committee will be regarded as Founding Members.

(ii) The Executive Committee shall grant Life status to any other person or persons who will pay at least Tk.1,00,000 (Taka One Lac) of donation to the Foundation.

(iii) The Life/Founder Member shall hold posts till their death.

      b.   General Members:

Any person who shows interest and commitment of the objectives of the Society is eligible to eligible to become a General Member of the Society provided that a proposal for his/her general membership is submitted to the Executive Committee by at least one Founder or Life member and seconded by at least another Founder or Life Member. The Executive Committee shall in its absolute majority, determine by vote-in favor by Three-Fourth (3/4) of its members, shall grant a general membership. Each accepted general member shall have to pay an initial registration fee of at least Tk. 5,000/- (Taka Five Thousand) and membership subscription of Tk. 2,400/-(Taka Two Thousand Four Hundred) annually. Every General Member of the Society shall have the right to participate and vote in the elections of the Society and also of the Executive Committee as far as these relate to none relate to non-Life Member.

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