Full Time Membership

Membership Cost in details for Graduate Certificate or Professional Course on Food Processing and also you can Attend Canadian University for 2 years Professional Course MBA, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate Course with Scholarships and Citizenships by fulfilling Criteria.
Send your CV to feab2011@gmail.com and get form by Replied mail then fill and send it

For Food Background Registration one time fees Tk 3000
Yearly Cost Tk 1200*5Years=Tk 6000
Total Cost (3000+6000)Tk =BDT9000.00 for 5 years and you can Learn following Scopes with a minimal Charges only.

For Others Background Registration one time fees Tk 3000
Yearly Cost Tk 1200*10Year=Tk 12000
Total Cost (3000+12000)Tk =BDT15000.00 for lifetime and you can operate business and can learn with following Scopes with a minimal Charges only.

  1. All Food Test in Safe Food LAB
  2. Manufacturing in Mini Food Factory-Dairy, Beverages, Bakery, Snacks, Juice, Water, Confectionery and many mores.
  3. Analytical Test of Raw Materials
  4. Research work Market & New Products in Own Lab
  5. R&D, Product Development Any product
  6. ISO HACCP FOOD SAFETY all Basic Course Internal Audit.
  7. Higher Education and Job information
  8. Products Costing
  9. Project Costing and planning
  10. Business planning
  11. Packaging Design and Testing
  12. Free Training in Abroad
  13. Website Design for Business and E-Commerce
  14. BSc MSc all Important Practical Course
  15. All Can Lean by Commercial and Mini Machineries
  16. Can Introduce with All GM, DGM, Factory Manager, AGM of most of the Big Companies
  17. Can get All positions Interview Tips and Salary Range & Job security
  18. Can Meet Chairman/ MD, Owners By Attending Food Exhibition
Activities in Exhibition As Sales & Brand Promotor
Free Course for Full time Members who Fresh or will attend Regular Training 6-12 months to 5 years or lifetime.
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