Vision -We want to make a Highly Skilled manpower for Food Industry and Safe food assurance for Healthy Nation.

Mission-We have set up a complete Lab and Mini food Factory for Practical work learning from seniors of different big companies of food processing. Where you can learn Bakery, Beverage, Dairy, Confectionery, Juice, Snacks, Spices, Frozen Foods related all works.

What is FEAB?

Welcome to FEAB-Food Engineering Alumni of Bangladesh FOUNDATION ! All of our board members from Country’s Largest Group of Companies who are working for 15-30Years in Food processing. You can easily find your right career guidelines from them. This is your home for Smart Career Opportunity, Safe Food Experts home under one roof which is largest private food professionals network or inter relationship long endless connection in Bangladesh. A new borne food technologist or food professional can connect with most of the policy maker. They Can Learn A to Z of food processing in Mini Food Factory with Commercial activities and can research in Safe Food Lab with testing facilities of Raw Materials, Packing Materials, Finished Goods and Industrial Compliance.

List of Few Experts of Different Group of Companies
Govt. Approved RJSC Reg. Certificate no C-13055
Awareness for Corona Virus

Free Training

Free Training for Food Engineering and Nutrition students
Participate different National & International Exhibition with Members
Daylong Workshops for members and freshers with only Lunch and arrangement cost


Food Engineering Alumni of Bangladesh has taken a lot of activities for building a Safe Food Bangladesh by making a Food Safety National Team by skilled developed on food Safety and this team will work as volunteer with national and international NGO’s & own-self In different institutions, Foundations, Charity Organisations, Rescue teams.

FEAB Board members with Brand Promotion and sales Team from 8 public and private Universities on Professional Development activities in BAPA Exhibition 21-23Non 2019
FEAB Top Management in BAPA Exhibition 21-23Nov 2019 @ ICCB Bashundhara, Dhaka
Senior ICONs In Food Exhibition organised by Bangladesh Agro Processors Association
As Exhibitor Members participated International food pro Exhibition by BAPA 21-23November 2019
Health & Fitness Exhibition on 28-30Nov 2019 at International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka
Group Picture at international Health & Fitness Exhibition on 28-30Nov 2019 at International Convention
City Bashundhara, Dhaka
FEAB Annual Meeting in 2018 with Food Minister Mr. Advocate Kamrul Islam at IDEB, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

ISO Training

Partner in Bangladesh PECB Canada
FEAB have Collaboration with PECB University (CANADA)
FEAB Organized Following Training & Audit Services with PECB Partnership
  1. ISO 9001:2015 QMS Internal Auditor -02Days
  2. 2. ISO22000:2018 FSMS/ FSSC22000 Internal Auditor -02Days
  3. ISO 14001 EMS IA-02 Days Foundation Course
  4. ISO 45001 IA-02Days Foundation Course
  5. SA8000:2014 IA-02Days Foundation Course
  6. ISO 27001 IA-02Days Basic Course
  7. HACCP, GMP -01Day Basic Course
  8. Food Safety & Hygiene Awareness-01Day
FEAB Has the facility for Testing of Raw Materials for following Items and Finished Goods
  1. Water, Beverages, Juice, Drinks, Energy Drinks
  2. Milk and dairy products-Flavored Milk, Curd, Cheese, Butter, Ghee
  3. Bakery: Breads, Bun, Cakes, Biscuits, Toasts, Dry Cake, Pan Cake
  4. Chocolate, Candy, Confectionery products
  5. Fruits Vegetables Drying projects
  6. Snacks Chips Crackers Fried Items
  7. Frozen Foods Meat Processing
  8. Spices Manufacturing & Seasoning Application.
  9. Ice-cream, Lolly, Sweetmeats, Desserts
  10. Instant powder Drinks , Energy Drinks.  Course Duration 3/6/12 Months for Diploma/BSc/MSc/Job Holders with Registration for Life time membership. ****Conditions apply.
FSMS Professional IA Course Based on ISO22000:2018 held on 19-21 February 2021
Participants of HACCP Food Safety Training
Participants of HACCP GMP HYGIENE training on January 2020, Uttara Office
HACCP GMP FOOD SAFETY 14-15 August 2020
HACCP GMP Food Safety Based on ISO 22000:2018 held on 24-25 September 2020
HACCP GMP Food Safety Training Based on ISO22000:2018 held on 15-16October2020


Dairy Workshop with 20participants from Different Background & Fileds
Dairy Products Events

Milk Quality Practical Training full day
Milk Specifications Presentation
Milk Receiving technique,
Milk Storage Systems, NaOH Presence Check
FAT, pH & Acidity Test, COB test, Alcohol Positive Test
Formalin Present Test, Temperature Checking
CLR Method>SNF calculation
Curd preparation> Chana preparation
Fat separation Technique>Butter Preparation Method.

Every Month FEAB organise each Workshop on Bakery Products Development on demand basis
Biscuits, Cookies, Cake-Vanilla, Chocolate, Fruits Cake, Dry Cake, Cup Cake, Muffin
Bread-Plain Bread, Milk Bread, Sandwich Bread, Bun, Toast, Butter Bun
For Details Contact: +88 01911763810, +88 01303506585
Regular Workshops on Different Products
Active FEAB members can work lifetime with us
You can work from anywhere of the Country as Coordinator